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Merit International Enterprises, Inc is the world leader in the manufacture of innovative products for the Automotive, Locksmith, and Towing industries. ­­


Since 1987, we have specialized in light manufacturing and assembly with a main focus on specialty hand tools and accessories. Professionals worldwide have been using tools that we manufactured in a variety of industries including the Locksmith Industry, the Towing Industry, First Responders, the Security Industry, the Repossession Industry, Police Officers, Fire Departments, and Road Service Providers.


The focus of our business is on three main ideas: Quality Control, Innovation, and Customer Service. We believe that by continuing to provide innovative tools to the marketplace, excelling in the area of customer service and support, and maintaining a high degree of quality and value in our products, we will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers. Following this philosophy, we have grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of specialty hand tools in the world.


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